Terms and Services

Terms and Services

(1) Classified ad Users must at least 18 years of age and registered to submit and reply to Classified Advertisements.
(2) All submitted ads are subject to approval and may be modified or edited by Site Administrator. User Agreements:  By registering as a Classified Ad User, User agrees:

(3 ) not to harass or use abusive language when replying to advertisements or corresponding with other Users. Liabilities:

Reserved Rights: M.O.S.S. reserves the right to

(1) not post ads and pictures that We feel are inappropriate or that other users may find offensive.

(2) change the Terms and Conditions herein at any time.

(3) delete or deny user registration and Users advertisements if determined that the Terms and Conditions herein have been abused by the user. \

(4) not post personal ads or pictures submitted that include people or personal information

(5) modify or edit Classified Ads submitted by User

(6) not post ads submitted by businesses, retailers, Realtor agents, dealers, etc. with exception to ads submitted to the "help wanted" and "rent/lease" categories.